Back to the Future Part II ★★★★★

Wow does this movie fly.... we are talking 88 MPH in a Delorean fast!

"No! It can't be; I just sent you back to the future! .... No, I know; you *did* send me back to the future. But I'm back - I'm back *from* the future ... Great Scott!

This has to be one of the fastest paced most entertaining sequels of all time. It exceeds the original in every way and even goes beyond that by literally weaving thru the fabric of the original storyline, to show us the best parts from a new perspective while adding a new layer to the adventure. I guess thats the beauty of a great time travel movie, that is easy to keep up with thanks to Doc Brown.

And how could you not be excited to see the 3rd one after that cliff hanger ending, along with getting a trailer before the end credits even roll!

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