Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water ★★★★½

Excellent modern western that comes to life thru its funny/emotional script and authentic characters.

'Aren't you Christian? ... Yeah, but I'm not stupid'.

The writer of Hell of High Water, Taylor Sheridan who also wrote unconventional recent westerns like 'Wind River' and 'Sicario', is certainly on a hot streak by pumping some much needed life back into this classic genre.

Chris Pine and Ben Foster star in the movie as two brothers who are getting back at the bank that is threatening to take their familie's home and land. I love how well crafted the story is by detailing each factor that will enable these guys to get away with robbing these banks, like how they are able to dispose of their getaway vehicles and keep the stolen money from being traced. It was also clever to include how the cultural movement of switching to digital technology has left smaller businesses behind. Like The Bank of West Texas in the movie not having their digital surveillance cameras connected.

'I said Dr. Pepper, this is Mr. Pibb. ... That's all they had. .... Only assholes drink Mr. Pibb ... well then drink up!'

Hot on the brothers trail of crimes are two Texas Rangers played by Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham. Wow Bridges looks like a fossil in this movie, and does a great job at playing a Texas lawman on the verge of retirement. The script really shows its strength with all the witty banter between the brothers and also between the lawmen, as they poke fun at each other to help pass their time on the road.

'He wouldn't know God if he crawled up his pant leg and bit him on the pecker.'

I loved how beautiful the photography of the wide open spaces of west Texas was depicted in this movie. Something about that hill they drive down overlooking the valley heading towards the town were the last bank was, really seemed to help build momentum heading into the climax.

It was also an excellent touch to have all the town folk during the climax get their inner cowboy on, as the take out their own guns and try going after the outlaws.

"I'm finished!"
- Daniel Plainview

Happy movie watching .. SKOL!

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