Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★½

I like art house movies but there came a point about 75% thru Holy Motors were I started to hate it.

Apparently this is a 'Post Modern' film which basically means weird for the sake of being weird. Normally I at least (enjoy/appreciate/like) these kinds of strange creepy artsy films like David Lynch's 'Inland Empire'.

Holy Motors plot is straight forward enough, this guy goes around in a limo to different acting jobs and transforms himself for each one. Some of the standout acting jobs would be the motion capture video game or action movie that ends up turning into some digital monster sex scene. I enjoyed the middle of the film where we get this strange accordion music video. I even was somewhat invested in the strange leprechaun guy that eats flowers off graves, bites of a ladies hand, and kidnaps Eva Mendes who is being a model and takes her to a lair and strips down naked. Also the short talking cars section was amusing.

But then towards the end we get this episode about gangster that is a doppelgänger and they kill each other, the musical part, and the worst of all the melodrama section... I guess by that point I had enough of it and I was ready for it to be over.

I see where the director may have been going with some of it being a commentary on cinema new and old, likely with a prejudice against the newer digital style of filmmaking and the internet/social media in general.

But really I don't care to analysis it anymore more than that, I sat thru the whole thing and was glad when it ended. I did not find it immersive, just strange and annoying at times.

If you like art house films I guess you can give it a shot if you want to, but I certainly would not recommend it to anyone.

I have seen some critics give this a perfect score, which baffles me. Do they just see a weird film that they don't understand and think that because it is a pile of French drivel that it must be a masterpiece???

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