Parasite ★★★★★

(Black and White Version)

It was awesome to experience this landmark Academy Awards Best Picture Winner once again on Criterion.

"What are you, a family of charlatans?"

I would not say watching Parasite in black and white adds all that much to the film. But it was interesting to learn that Bong Joon Ho wanted to shoot the film so it would hold up without color, as a tribute to some of the great Directors of world cinema that made masterpieces in both formats.

(Rewatch Observations)

- I remembered the second half of the movie following the twist being the part where this story really took off, but this time I got so much more out of seeing how opportunistic the family is right from the start

- As someone who sometimes struggles to keep up with subtitles, I found it remarkable how easy it was to keep up with the fast and furious subtitles throughout this film

- Parasite holds up beautifully on a rewatch as you get to notice all the little hints of where the story is going. The fast pacing and complexities of the story had my mind racing in some different directions, which made this watch feel like a fresh new experience

- Spoiler: This time I noticed the father has his violent reaction at the end not because the owner of the home smelled him, but because he covers his nose as a result of getting a whiff of the guy who had been living in his basement. And this idea of people of the lower class being distinguishable to the rich as a result of how they smell, is what sets the father off ... and masterfully ties into the film's overall theme of class division. (The rich living on top vs those living off the rich in the basement)

- Also I thought it was interesting how the father asks the man of the house if he really loved his wife. Since technically he is wealthy enough where he does not have to depend on her, while the father's family must depend on each other in order for them to survive

Parasite is simply brilliant and so deserving of all the accolades it achieved, and I already can't wait to check it out again in color. What Bong Joon Ho film should I check out next? I am really curious about seeing 'Mother' and 'Memories of Murder'.

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