Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom: Let There Be Carnage ★★★★½

(Halloween Movie Fest 2021)

I never imagined Venom vs Carnage in a movie would end up being a combination of a bromance taking on Bonnie & Clyde wrapped in some crazy ass symbiotic goodness.

"All I ever wanted in this circus of hell is Carnage!"

I have always loved Venom and finally getting to see Carnage come into the mix was a blast. This movie is built on the chaotic relationship between Eddie Brock and Venom, and I thought the constant banter between the two was hilarious. With that being said this might just be my favorite action rom-com of all time.

"Eddie, we should be out there snacking on bad guys! I am a predator! I need to be free ... You have got to get control of your aggression ... You live in my body, you live by my rules!"

(Quick Hits) ... Spoilers:

- Venom: Let There Be Carnage has a short and sweet hour and a half runtime. While I would have loved for it to go on longer, I think the tight package it delivers was spot on

- Say what you will about all comic book movies being the same, I love seeing these superheros/villains finally smashing into each other on the big screen

- The friction between Brock and Venom was so good, that I did not even mind that they took their time bringing Carnage into the picture. I wonder if any of Kasady's ranting made any sense

- Venom being able to speed draw exactly what was on Kasady's cell wall was a great touch

- Mrs. Chen Venom may have been the funniest and most unexpected part

- Woody Harrelson worked great as Cletus Kasady, and having Shriek be his partner in crime did make his character more interesting since that relationship ultimately does not mix with Carnage

- There was a lot happening on-screen every time Carnage was wreaking havoc, and I look forward to seeing it again at home on 4K

- I wonder why they don't include that huge spider on Venom's suit

- It is strange to think of Venom as this anti-hero, but I suppose that was the only way it was possible to develop him in a series of movies separate from Spiderman

- I was hoping they would find a way not to kill off Cletus Kasady, so it was bittersweet seeing him get his head bitten off

"Fuck this guy!"

Major Spoiler ... that you were likely expecting!

The mid-credits scene served up the ultimate teaser I was desperately hoping for! The multi-verse is bringing together the worlds on Sony's Venom and the MCU'. Only time will tell how much Venom we will get to see in 'Spiderman: No Way Home' ... I can't wait!

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