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  • Seabiscuit


    I already saw The Champ.

    As rote and formulaic as a mainstream period piece can get, though in a way that makes it admittedly satisfying to watch.

  • Maniac


    I mean, it's good, but not quite the series I was anticipating given the zany imagery from the production photos. If it wasn't lengthier than it needed to be and had more straightforward focus on being either a drama or a comedy, I might've enjoyed it more.

    Maniac was still uniquely inventive and entertaining for the most part, however it still hasn't convinced me that Netflix is worth spending money on myself (but it's either that or leftist propaganda, so I guess loss either way).

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  • Moonlight



    “A film without a message is just a waste of time.” ~ D.W. Griffith

    A true statement in many ways. While there is undoubtedly an art in making time-wasters that are worth watching purely for thrills, it’s hard to say that those films really matter in the grand scheme of things. Truly great films have to offer something for you to take after it’s over, and it doesn’t have to be political either. Perhaps you come out a different person,…

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    It probably won't get noticed since it's kinda obscure and the content is quite visceral and ugly, but I'll forgive the Academy for Moonlight snatching Best Picture from La La Land if they nominate this film instead of Get Out (okay not really, but still)

    Best Picture
    Best Actor - Robert Pattinson
    Best Supporting Actor - Benny Safdie
    Best Director - Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie
    Best Original Screenplay - Ronald Bronstein, Josh Safdie
    Best Cinematography - Sean Price Williams
    Best Film Editing - Ronald Bronstein, Benny Safdie
    Best Original Score - Daniel Lopatin