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  • Alien



    I highly doubt hardly any of this was on the doing of Ridley Scott even more than Howard Hawks and Scarface. This is too spectacularly done for his caliber. Blade Runner is something, so was The Duellists, but how do you think he got the expertise after coming off of his TV work?

  • Rain Man

    Rain Man

    The like is ONLY for Dustin Hoffman and for select parts of the script. Without Hoffman, the movie amounts to another flick that falls victim to the typical "mental handicap" movie cliches ("wowzers, he's socially inept but it turns out he's actually REALLY smart!"). There's nothing inhumane about any of this, but just try showing this to the parents of an autistic kid and see if this feel-good flick will inspire any real change in their deranged, weeaboo children. It's…

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  • Moonlight



    “A film without a message is just a waste of time.” ~ D.W. Griffith

    A true statement in many ways. While there is undoubtedly an art in making time-wasters that are worth watching purely for thrills, it’s hard to say that those films really matter in the grand scheme of things. Truly great films have to offer something for you to take after it’s over, and it doesn’t have to be political either. Perhaps you come out a different person,…

  • Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour

    Couldn't the WWII tactic of Oscarbait end with the 40s???

    This is a totally fine biopic, slightly elevated by how Bruno Delbonnel shoots the thing, but everything you see in a biopic, from stylistic tendencies to expository principles, pretty much everything you can think of is present here. Your enjoyment of this largely depends on your interest of Winston Churchill himself, or your ability to resist moaning about white people in 200+ like Letterboxd "reviews", even then, there's very likely higher grade material than this to choose from.