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  • Some Girl(s)

    Some Girl(s)


    Despite the abysmal rating on IMDB, this type of story really resonated with me and reminded me of plenty of conversations between my girl friends and me whether or not we would appreciate that our ex boyfriends (or fuck boys) would come back into our lives to apologise. 
    Neil La Bute’s plot and dialogues were fantastic and I enjoyed how each actress portrayed their characters. Adam Brody manages to come across as one of the biggest arseholes I have seen on screen, despite his cherub looks. 
    It’s definitely not for everyone but it’s undeniably the type of indie films that I have a predilection for.

  • Possessor



    Sensitive souls: Beware. This is incredibly violent!

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  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    This year’s Midsommar for me, in so much that it was so hyped up as one of the best horror films of the year and ended up finding it rather underwhelming. The main actress - Morfydd Clark is nonetheless one to keep an eye on, as her performance is spellbinding.

  • The Last Days of American Crime

    The Last Days of American Crime


    My love for Michael Pitt and my lust for Edgar Ramirez couldn’t keep me glued to the screen. Turned it off after 30 minutes, which seemed like two very long hours of brainless action. This also features one of the sex scenes with the least chemistry I have ever witnessed. 
    As for Michael Pitt, he is starting to play himself too often nowadays. I wish he could score some roles which would force him to spruce up and get his act clean!