2046 ★★★★

AHH. In the Mood for Love's sequel is titled 2046, because the actual title would have been too long - In the Mood for Love II: What Really Happens When You Settle For Sex As Second-Rate Love When Your True Love Rejects You.

One of the best parts of In the Mood for Love was the ending. It's one of the most quietly poetic, painful endings I've seen and that concept is taken, in 2046, and mentioned over and over again. It's stripped of its magic. It's that chaste, structured broken love trying to survive in a chaotic, heartbroken environment, and it makes 2046 a touch too bitter for my taste all the while still being so affecting despite its multiple flaws (like the futuristic android subplot). Maybe that was the whole point. 2046 poking fun at In the Mood for Love, like Tony Leung just saying to hell with it. Somehow, it ends up working despite me actually having a very love-hate reaction to this film.

Also, I cannot overstate this enough -- Ziyi Zhang's scenes are all class. My favorite scene is at the restaurant with the dollar bills. Ziyi slayed. One of my rules of cinema is when Ziyi Zhang cries, I cry, and that was true here.


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