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  • Rocketman



    Having watched only the first five minutes many months ago, I never got round to resuming it as I really thought I was gonna hate it. Come the Golden Globes and the enormous attention it got, I thought 'HMMM THERE MUST BE SOMETHING GOOD TO IT'.

    So, I finally watched it tonight ... and am I ever so pleased. In fact I LOVED IT :)

    Bohemian Rhapsody was also very good for me ... BUT ... Rocketman is so very…

  • mother!



    My first 'second' review/ reference of a movie on LB.

    Watched this a few months ago (albeit being a 2017 movie) ... and it is the one and only movie that I STILL CANNOT GET OUT OF MY MIND!

    Growing inside me and continuously rising up my personal fave movies ranking. Have to re-watch the soonest. Must buy it on Blu-ray. I lust for it.

    Darren Aronofsky is a MASTER of his craft.

    My original review of the movie back in November 2019, the moment I finished watching it:

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  • Us



    Now WTF was that !!!! ,,, LMAO !! ... What a silly movie ... BUT ...


    Does not pretend to be more that what it is ... unique story ... couple of most cool twists ... most excellent rich picture ... loved all the main characters ... easily beats almost all movies of its kind ,,, VERY WELL DONE !

    Do not get fooled by the ever so low review ratings on IMDB (most being…

  • Joker



    Dark, haunting, psychotic, eerie, beautiful ugliness, exhilarating … great cinematography, sound, music ... atmospheric … superb acting performance … engaging throughout … MASTERPIECE!

    The drawing of the bloody smile towards the end along with the music was so POWERFUL.

    Nuff said <3