The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

The 2019 Oscars (re: 2018 movies) and movie fans were basically divided between three movies: THE FAVOURITE, GREEN BOOK and ROMA.

First about GREEN BOOK ...Yes GB has all the usual standard hollywood jollygood elements - but so what? .... it was really a well made and beautiful film; and especially loved the first 30-40 minutes which were superb in all aspects ... best picture? maybe yes maybe not ... not my usual cup of tea but thoroughly enjoyed it - and at the end of the day thoroughly enjoying a movie is a paramount factor.

Now THE FAVOURITE ... i am not a fan of most period films from that era .... would i watch it if it was not for Lanthimos (whose movies I mostly love)? or if it was not one that earned so many awards and oscar nominations? ... PROBABLY NOT ... but so I watched it ... and without being prejudiced ,,, did I like it? ,,,, I LOVED IT THROUGHOUT !!! ... close to a masterpiece in all aspects ,,, detail perfection in all scenes ...Kubrick style ! ... and many people moan about the ending .. That in my opinion was one of the strongest endings the movie could have .. it has stayed with me .. i want to rewatch the ending over and over ... again and again ... so powerful! ... reminded me of BIRTH and Nicole Kidman in the opera (the scene towards the end that goes on for a few minutes catching powerful facial expressions that talk to you a thousand words and feelings)... KUDOS to Lanthimos ... KUDOS to TF ,,, SHOULD HAVE WON THE LOT!

And ROMA? ,,, watched it as soon as it was released on Netflix ... surely better than GB but nothing like TF ,,, still a most beautiful 'foreign' movie.

What has stayed with me? ... THE FAVOURITE !!! ... and of course all the music that comes with it :)

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