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  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1


    tarantino is tarantino is tarantino

  • Wild at Heart

    Wild at Heart


    messy, trashy, melodramatic and incredibly good. this movie feels pretty different from anything else david lunch has put out but it still carries all of his trademark surrealism. i have to imagine if there was a Lynch-directed action film it wouldn’t look too much unlike Wild At Heart. looking forward to rewatching it in the future, what a fun film.

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  • Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania

    Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania


    β€œThe minute we left, we started going home. And we’re still going home. I’m still on my journey home.Β We loved you, World, but you did lousy things to us.”

    β€œReminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania” is a beautiful film documenting jonas mekas’ visit back to his home village of semeniΕ‘kiai after almost 30 years of absence.

    mekas’ video work is incredibly kinetic and experimental but possesses a serene fragility when combined with the film’s haunting soundtrack and mekas’ own spoken-word…

  • The Color of Pomegranates

    The Color of Pomegranates


    beautiful film, i feel like it's something i'm gonna have to rewatch pretty frequently to better flesh out how i feel about it. it's only fitting that a film about the life of a poet is as poetic as Color of Pomegranates. truth be told i wrestled a bit with the idea of just not providing a rating because this doesn't really feel like a movie that you can assign that sorta quantifiable measurement to. hm.