Tenet ★★★½

It's like if there was an action movie inside the black lodge from Twin Peaks.

Near the beginning of the movie, a character says something like "don't think about it, just feel it" and that's the lens I viewed the rest of the movie through. And what it felt like was cool as hell. There's no doubt that its convoluted and up its own ass, but I just found it so damn fun. I won't act like I understood everything that happens. I'm sure if I put more critical/analytical thought into it, I'd be less cool, but I don't want to do that, because I had a blast watching it. There's badass set pieces and shit flying backwards. John David Washington and Robert Pattinson are slick as shit and play as fantastic action dudes. Ludwig Göransson's score slaps and goes hard af. I guarantee that, from now on, anytime I imagine myself doing something cool, this score will unconsciously start to play in my head. People keep reminding me that Nolan movies are 75% exposition, and I keep reminding them that I don't care.

I got to watch this in a theater, my first time in a theater in basically a year, so maybe that's why this rocked so much, which it certainly did (don't worry, it was a 50 person screening, socially distanced in a 1000+ seat theater). It's a dumb, fun movie with cool stuff. The term "temporal pincer movement" is probably the coolest made-up phrase I've ever heard. It's a movie about dudes who rock and go backwards in time, and if you don't enjoy that then you just must be some kinda gigantic loser.

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