Brewster McCloud ★★

I love Robert Altman, but when you look at the massive breadth of his filmography...well, they can't all be winners. Brewster McCloud came out during Altman's amazing run in the 1970s, released the same year as MASH no less, and is often cited as a quality work. Altman himself reportedly considered it his favourite of his own works. I gotta say, I don't get it. Well, I guess I sort of do. Brewster McCloud is certainly different. The film never even comes close to falling into a standard groove and there is something inspiring about the film's weirdness. You can also see glimmers of the ensemble casts of something like Nashville and there are some funny bits sprinkled throughout. But all told, I mostly found Brewster McCloud tiresome. Some scenes are funny, but many land with a hollow thud, and at the end of the day I'm not sure what the point of the whole thing was. Maybe, as the end credits suggest, the whole thing is meant to just be seen as a circus, a grand and an absurd piece of entertainment. Fair enough, except I didn't find Brewster McCloud very entertaining. I can't say I hated the film - it's hard to hate something so distinct - but this really didn't work for me.