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  • The Devil's Stairway

    The Devil's Stairway


    Obvious, at times plodding, affair is bolstered by some sneaky-good cinematography and the lead performance of Kim Jin-kyu. A good place to stop after you watch The Housemaid for the first time.

  • Birds of Passage

    Birds of Passage


    Although its gender-roles exploration never quite comes to fruition, the acting carries this paradoxical tight yet sprawling generational crime epic through. The framing device was utterly unnecessary though.

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  • Prince Yeonsan

    Prince Yeonsan


    The Shing Sang-ok 1961 feature "Prince Yeonsan" begins a compelling, if just short of masterful, saga covering a colorful and oft-projected onto Korean historical figure - Yeonsangun of Joseon. Known as one of the worst tyrants of the Joseon Dynasty, this is the first and the definitive film adaptation of his story. Shakespeare fans will find many parallels to latch onto in this tale of a young man pushed to obsession.

    I'll borrow the plot synopsis (mostly) from Cannes, who…