100 Years of Horror: The Frankenstein Family ★★★

The 100 Years of Horror series is fun. We get an amazing host in Christopher Lee, who often gets to discuss his own performances as he moves through horror history, and an endless cavalcade of clips. Lee blasts through a history of Frankenstein films at a breakneck pace, and it's surprisingly comprehensive (though Flesh for Frankenstein is sadly absent). Lee sometimes gets catty, dissing some of the trashier movies—I loved that. There's several bizarre interviewee choices (Fred OIen Ray, Hugh Hefner), but we also get many worthwhile chats with directors, actors and writers, especially those from the Hammer gang. I really dug the behind the scenes clips it uses (the Karloff home videos are so sweet), and there's a nice smattering of archival soundbites from people like Peter Cushing. Far from required viewing, but enjoyable nonetheless.