Five Fingers of Death

Five Fingers of Death ★★★★½

Waaaarrrgh! King Boxer is vicious nasty kung fu spat all over your stupid face! Mashing together a classic martial arts contest plot and a good ol' fashioned revenge, the Shaw Bros dish out simple, near-perfect, action-packed entertainment. Lo Lieh, with his furrowed brow and glowing kung fu hands, emits an infectious rage, and the endless supply of tough guys he has to make his way through are of a cacklingly high quality. The film lumps so much baggage, so much death upon Lieh that it's impossible not to get behind him in his mission to make his dad-figure proud and pound some murderous vengeance into everyone that gets in his way. Fans of RZA, Tarantino and Quincy Jones will also be stoked to hear a tiny sample from Ironside theme sneaking its way in here. King Boxer gets a big FUCK YES from me.