Housebound ★★★★

Yep. This is everything everyone says it is. Funny, taut, tense, Housebound is packed full of (actually enjoyable) twists and an infectious energy. Rima Te Wiata is fast becoming one of my favourite Kiwi performers and Morgana O'Reilly is great in the lead, but it was Glen-Paul Waru who really had my laughing with his deadpan, unsmiling face. I'm really enjoying this new wave of horror that seems to be comfortable in jumping from genre to genre without creating awkward and confused horror-comedies. Housebound genre-hops with such a sense of unabashed fun that I found it impossible not to grin like a doofus watching this. There's a tiny bit of a middle-section sag and I wasn't such a fan of some of the stylistic choices (particularly the intense colour grading), but overall Housebound is solid stuff.