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This review may contain spoilers.

So, is Frank Henenlotter getting a co-writer's credit and a bag of residuals? Amiriiite? Yep, Malignant is like Basket Case on speed. And yep, it's kind of amazing. And very dumb. Throughout much of this, I wasn't sure how to respond. It is so completely absurd and out of control. Outrageous wide-angled shots, camera spinning around like mad, wild music choices. It looks both grandiose and cheap as fuck. It feels like the creative result of plucking a young and thirsty Dario Argento out of the early 80s and plonking him 2021 with all modern technology available to him. That's not to diminish Wan's paw prints. This is very much a Wan movie, and it's great that he can still make nonsense like this even after making a DC movie and a Fast and Furious movie. I could barely decide what to rate this. On one hand, it's phenomenally bold. On the other hand, it's as thick as brick. But it is undeniably, despite its obvious influences, unique and something rather exciting to see in a genre that seems less able to tone-hop as it would have in the past. Also, the final act is just utter bananas and so very fucking entertaining that it's hard to dislike this. See it. Love it. Hate it.

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