Rigor Mortis ★★½

Halloween 2019 — 27/31

I feel like I watched a different movie from everybody else on Letterboxd. There were some things I liked. Chin Siu-Ho playing a version of himself and the way the film directly references Mr. Vampire is brilliant. There are impressive moments and affecting images. But overall, I found Rigor Mortis to be a mess. The storytelling is frustrating. Fragmented, jumping from place to place like a hopping vampire. It was hard to get attached to anything and I found myself often drifting away while watching it. Visually, it is not my bag at all. Ugly, colourless, digital, slick. Though it matches the almost comically bleak setting and story, it's not a look I enjoy. The CGI is constant and has the same unappealing aesthetic. I liked elements of this enough to have a decent time with it, but Rigor Mortis was definitely a disappointment for me.