Saw II

Saw II ★★★

Fuck. The last time I watched Saw II was in the cinema. I remember really enjoying it. I found it more light and fun than the first and loved the silly twists. That was 2005, and in 2005 I, of course, had no fucking idea how 2005 this movie was. It is HYSTERICAL that there was a time where this was considered aesthetically acceptable. Everything about it is ludicrous. The garish, ugly colour grade and the hilarious sped-up/slowed-down editing—it's so hideously of its time and I loved/hated it for it. Despite (or thanks to) the rotten style, I still enjoyed this (though perhaps not as much as that first watch). The twists still bang. Tobin Bell rules. Some of the traps are great. The connections to the original (even though the script it was based on wasn't even a Saw film) are brilliant and surprising. Watching it this time around, I really noticed how horrific Donnie Wahlberg is. He really feels like a bargain bin version of his brother, shouting, screaming, smashing people up. But it kind of works because he's an extraordinarily unlikeable character anyway. This is a decent sequel, and an amazing time capsule.

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