Space Truckers ★★★½

Space Truckers is a thoroughly enjoyable bit of space silliness from the great Stuart Gordon. Its cast is great fun (well, Stephen Dorff aside) featuring a surprisingly animated Dennis Hopper, Debi Mazar, Vernon Wells (aka Australia's greatest treasure), George Wendt, Charles Dance, and Barbara Crampton. The stand-out in this excellent collection of performers is Charles Dance who manages to balance humour and repulsion to great effect. Gordon directs the film with a lot of energy, keeping the pacing tight and making sure there's not too long between explosions. The effects are a mixed bag. The practical effects designed by the legendary Screaming Mad George are amazing — there's bloated mutant pigs, cool robots, and a cyborg with a wind-up dick. The miniatures are also great, but many of the space scenes are hampered by a smattering of dodgy CGI. The film also struggles massively in pulling off realistic zero gravity. Space Truckers is a cheesy bit of sci-fi trash. It has its faults and it's definitely a lesser effort from Gordon, but I had a very good time with it. I wish there were more films like this from the 90s.