The Boxer's Omen ★★★★½

The Boxer's Omen is pure madness on celluloid! I can't thank Chris Purdie enough for recommending this to me. This is everything I could ever want in a film. Here is a paragraph of some things you'll see in The Boxer's Omen because my brain can't construct proper sentences at the moment...

Violent kickboxing. Bolo Yeung's disproportioned body. Buddhist monks fighting demons. Spiders (that make the spiders from The Beyond look awesome) drinking liquid poison from tiny straws. Conversations with a mummified corpse. Repulsive orgiastic food consumption. Crocodiles. Endless crocodiles. Reanimated crocodile skulls. A human corpse being put inside a gigantic crocodile corpse. Argh. Insane 80s animation and effects. Multiple disembodied floating heads. Exploding disembodied floating heads. Caterpillar puppets entering a variety of orifices. A young Elvis Tsui wearing a Santa beard. Disgusting gooey black magic. Maggot vision. An ancient statue speaking like a cyborg. Three grown men being birthed from a lady-demon then turning into something I can't even begin to fucking describe.

If it wasn't for the lengthy and very dull tourist guide to Kathmandu that interrupts the final act, I'd give this a perfect five stars. The Boxer's Omen is among the most out of control films I've ever seen. Thank you, Shaw Brothers. No, really. THANK YOU.

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