The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★½

Hey! Why are you actually good, unwanted decade-late sequel?! The Strangers: Prey at Night is quite the surprise. This is just as relentless as the original but in a totally a different way. The sequel strips away much of the bleakness and replaces it with slick, fast-paced horror-action. The soundtrack is bloated with 80s tracks. The lighting is outrageous. The camera basically never stops tracking. Bailee Madison and Lewis Pullman do a pretty fantastic job of portraying complete and utter terror. The tension is perhaps not as suffocating as the first, but it is impressively nonstop. Prey at Night piggybacks off the original's concept and imposing imagery of Dollface, Pin-Up Girl and Man in the Mask and does something entirely new, if not—GULP—better.

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