Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning ★★★★

I bought Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning on a bit of a whim. I expected mild entertainment. I did not expect an insanely brutal, seizure-inducing, action-packed nightmare. Since that first viewing, I've returned to this bizarre sequel three times, and it remains one of the most fascinating films of recent years. Nothing like its predecessors, Day of Reckoning is an action film like no other. With a dollop of feverish horror thrown in, an Apocalypse Now-esque plot, and captured with cinematography that would be more at home in an arthouse cinema, Day of Reckoning should probably not exist. Avoid reading anything about this film (including this). Don't watch any trailers. Just see it and mutter "What the hell?" as the end credits roll.

Please don't watch it if you're prone to epileptic fits.

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