• Richard Jewell

    Richard Jewell


    Clint Eastwood can't direct a bad movie even in the old days. Based on real events, an incredible set of circumstances, media and people turned a hero into a major villain in a very short period of time. In addition to the great story, I have to admit that I also enjoyed the choice of actors, because they were all excellent, without fail. Given that this film is a criticism of the system, the law and the media, I believe that it did not get the exposure it deserved. Interesting.

  • Mass



    The directorial debut of actor Kranz and he immediately decided on this unusual film format. It looks like a theatrical drama, with a minimal number of actors, effects, scenography, but rich in a strong script that brings out the entire talent of the actors who give their soul and heart to this film. I can't write much about this movie because it has a very simple plot, four people talking in one room. However, the subject of the story is…

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    The good thing about this movie is a certain originality and tone that sets it apart from the rest of the MCU movies. Given that the director is Raimi, who has made several very good horror films, we also see several elements of horror here, which is unusual for this franchise. I'm not sure how many people will accept it, but I think it's a positive. Visually, it's a very sumptuous film, but I personally was a bit bothered by…

  • Quo vadis, Aida?

    Quo vadis, Aida?


    A powerful and poignant film based on true events. The main character is the UN translator Aida, who wants to save her family from Srebrenica (husband and two sons) at any cost, and through this motive we see the rest of the secondary characters as well as the other events. The director did a great job here because the atmosphere throughout the film is very sad, stressful, tense and pessimistic. She managed to show all this practically without any scene…

  • A Bronx Tale

    A Bronx Tale


    De Niro's directorial debut and Palminteri's screenwriting debut. Maybe in some version this smells like a disaster, but in the end we got a very good movie. Both are strong acting names with several excellent film roles, but here each has done double duty, behind and in front of the camera. It looks like a typical gangster movie, I would even say that it is predictable at times, but the movie has a strong story, characters and relationships between them.…

  • The Way Back

    The Way Back


    Ben Affleck is a great actor, I have to say. He was often accompanied by the stigma of a famous and overrated actor throughout his career, but this is mostly not true. In this film, he obviously draws a lot from his real and private life, has a broken marriage, is an alcoholic and is now seeking redemption through an unexpected call to coach a team from his old former school. Affleck has definitely delivered his, by far the best…

  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


    Guy Ritchie’s directorial debut, and he also wrote the screenplay. At all levels the film looks impressive especially if this is a debut for someone. Immediately, Ritchie made a film to his liking, created "his" genre and a striking signature that we will see in the next successful films. By far the best segment of the film is definitely the script. The plot of the film becomes more and more complex, new characters come, connections are created between them, and as the film progresses, its quality grows. The second half of the film is as amazing as the ending itself.

  • The Crow

    The Crow


    I love this movie and have watched it many times. A great and unusual combination of thriller, dark drama, romance and revenge. Director Proyas has created a whole new world here that is not at all cheerful, it is dark, gloomy, ugly and extremely pessimistic. Serious difficult topics are covered, such as a young girl who is fighting for greater good dying because of it, or we see a single mother who is addicted and has moved away from her…

  • In Hell

    In Hell


    A slightly different film from JCVD, it doesn't focus (exclusively) on action and fighting, but it also has a lot of drama. It seems like an attempt at acting to me, but it wasn’t so convincing to me. The internal struggles of the main character are shown, but still, we viewers are far dearer and better "real" fights, which is why we watch movies from JCVD. He has a lot of good things, but this is a prison drama and often brutal, but overall the film doesn't look complete to me.

  • Rambo: Last Blood

    Rambo: Last Blood


    The fifth part of the series about the legendary John Rambo, at first glance seems a little too much, especially after so many years that have passed since previous films. Unfortunately, this is the first one that was not good for me. I often had deja vu while watching a movie. At first I thought I was watching a cheap copy of the movie Taken, and later I was watching a bloody copy of Home Alone. I better say Home…

  • Gattaca



    A good SF film that theorizes about a topic that is not so far from us. How important is genetics, is it crucial, is it the only thing important for an individual's success? Definitely an interesting discussion that the film takes us through. Even at one point at the beginning of the film, it is presented as a kind of racism, but that theory is quickly abandoned. The best part of the film is the tension that accompanies us in…

  • Magnolia



    Definitely not my cup of tea. It lasts a very long time, there are too many characters, at times it is pretentious and boring, and the ending did not suit me. The film is somewhat drawn by some actors who had strong roles. By far the best part of the film were the first few minutes, and that's not a plus. Obviously this director and his style don’t suit me.