Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

Every positive thing I heard about Sound of Metal is true. Indeed, it has a beautiful screenplay, outstanding editing, and breathtaking acting. I am completely in awe of this movie, and it's basically just a spectacular movie all around.

I guess I was expecting that the film was going to be more music-oriented, but it actually focused more on how the main character coped with his hearing loss. The simplicity surprised me, but it wasn't a bad thing. The story was honest and compelling. It presented a great platform to tell the story of the Deaf community through Ruben, a drummer who lost his hearing.

Riz Ahmed, who played Ruben, was undoubtedly the shining star of the movie. I think this is my first movie of his. Now I want to see more of his works! Ahmed felt authentic and grounded. He was able to show Ruben's hardships in the most impressive manner. It wasn't an easy adjustment for him - he had to give up his former lifestyle and learn how to overcome obstacles. Also loved Olivia Cooke, who played Lou, and Paul Raci, who played Joe.

Sound of Metal is a superb film, and I really loved it. It's pretty convincing in what it wants to tell the audience. Ahmed's performance alone is worth watching this movie.

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