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OKAY so this review is gonna be really wierd and stupid and...maybe a little depressing and CHEESY ASF so pLEASE ignore it

So I’ve been going through a bit of a... „rough patch” lately. It’s a ton of shit in my life that’s all just coming together and making this big dark force that’s always weighing down on me. Some days I feel fine. I can ignore it if I don’t think about it. But most of the time it’s always with me, and I can’t ignore it. A few times I’ve just sat there and thought about it for a really long time. (by the way, it’s not like suicidal thoughts or anything, it’s just a big pain in my ass that won’t go away.) Sometimes I think about when I grow up. I want to be a filmmaker. That’s what keeps me going. Always having a movie rolling in my head, playing to drown out the reality that I’m trying so hard to ignore. But then I think I’ll never be able to actually make a film. It’s too much work that I would never be able to handle. I think to myself “why did I even think i could do that in the first place?”. But then there’s la la land. After a hard day I turn on la la land like it’s instinct. Go up to my room, turn on my phone, put in my earbuds and just watch la la land. From the first scene alone, I get this wierd unexplainable hope and inspiration. This faith makes me think that maybe I mean something. Like I could make the films I’ve been wanting to make since I was THREE. I keep watching and it’s just so beautiful and touching and... I don’t even know! It just helps me. It defeats that darkness that is with me. I don’t even know what this review was for. I just wanted to say how powerful la la land is. A simple 2 hour movie that gives me so much power and hope. 

Ok thanks for bearing with me I’ll probably delete this soon BYE

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