Hereditary ★★★★

Went to see this at depaul for the Ari Aster Q&A

Still enjoyed it the 2nd time around, but it wasn’t nearly as terrifying for me. It was entertaining and honestly just a fun time lol. 

It was really cool to see Ari Aster in person but my god that interviewer was AWFUL. It was really uncomfortable and cringeworthy, and after his DEeP AnaLySis (which went a little too far off the rails, not exactly being in line with what the director had in mind), the Q&A was inevitably going to be pretty bad. A great experience but it’d be great to have an ACTUAL FILMMAKER interview him and not some  philosophy professor attempting to explain his eureka moment of a film. 

Sorry I just needed to rant about that Q&A because it was pretty god damn ridiculous how badly it went

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