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  • Stay Alive

    Stay Alive


    Hutch, Swink, October, Phineus, Loomis? Who in the fuck named these people?

  • The Twelve Fairies

    The Twelve Fairies


    There is a lot more ass-torture than I would've expected to see in a movie aimed at children.

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  • Soft Matter

    Soft Matter


    I'm not sure where the 4 and 5-star reviews are coming from, this is pretty terrible stuff. I hate to be negative about really low budget movies like this because I'm sure a ton of effort was put into making it, but I found this movie to be almost unbearably obnoxious. As mentioned in some of the other reviews it's got that Greasy Strangler style anti-comedy thing going for it and I guess that type of humor is just something…

  • Gums



    I've seen a lot of bizarre movies, but I think this wins. A porn parody of Jaws that features a hardcore scene with two guys tag-teaming an inflatable woman and ends with a scene where two puppets with erections kill a slutty mermaid with jizz. Even more bizarre is the fact that this also features music by Brad Fiedel who went on to compose the music for The Terminator - which is, in my opinion, one of the all-time greatest…