Conversations with Other Women ★★½

Feeling philosophical, might delete later:

The issue with style over substance isn't that movies shouldn't have style or that the substance should always come first. In fact, people's issue with style over substance seems like a backwards way of thinking about the way the movie was made; it often isn't so apparent when you're watching the movie, and it's an issue with process rather than result. The issue with style over substance comes into play when a filmmaker starts prioritizing the style over the substance because more often than not that leads to something boring. I would argue that substance is inherently more interesting than style. I don't really know why this is, and I tend to prefer movies that are stylish, but something about the premise of something-- the "what's it about" that takes ultimate precedence over the "how's it about it."

However, does this movie's incredible final shot make up for the lack of drama in the story? Honestly a little.