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  • Splice



    Oh wow.

    I've seen some b-grade pseudo-science biocrap in my time but this one rates right up there. Every time someone watches this, a little scientist's experiment fails and they're forced to watch an entire season of CSI.

    What I don't understand is how Adrian Brodie can go from class roles like The Pianist to signing up for this drivel.

    Mercifully the film is only 99 minutes long.

  • In Time

    In Time


    There are too many larger questions that remain unanswered in this film. It's an enjoyable enough story with its Robin Hood theme, but the idea that somehow the entire world's populace has overnight come to accept the imposing of a system where they die at the age of 26 raises too many inconsistencies to really hold water.

    The question of how babies are born with this clock already installed on their arm is never answered. Nor is whether people have…

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  • NetForce



    This movie was released in 1999 almost immediately following the release of the novel, so I expected ideas of that time's future to be optimistic.

    I work in the IT sector, so I made a point of setting my expectations very low. The assumptions on what technology would look like and be capable of ten years in the future were predictably gradiose but the dialogue and score is inexcusable.

    Jeff Rona composed the original music and does so in a…

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    David Lynch films are not your standard, linear fare. If you're after a "normal" Hollywood movie, you might find yourself feeling a bit lost after watching a Lynch production. Yet Mulholland Drive is an excellent, artistic and expressive exploration of the movie business and Lynch does an excellent job of interweaving humour, drama and smatterings of the outright absurd that - depending on your own viewpoint - make perfect caricatures of the industry.

    Whether you're familiar with Lynch films or…