Nobody ★★½

At times, it hints at a more interesting story. It's revealed, for example, that this isn't the first that his wife has patched him up. This makes her a much more compelling character: she's his partner in this charade, and not just an unwitting part of it. It livens up the dynamics of their marriage, and adds nuance to their issues. But the movie doesn't make much more out of it, and basically sits on the implication that their marriage has been tough lately because he hasn't been killing people.

But by the second half, his wife isn't even there, and the movie just settles for the power fantasy of being a super competent killer that can take on hordes of Russian mobsters. The movie does this very well, with more style and clarity than a lot of action movies out there. It all goes down easy if you can ignore the ugly subtext.

At the start, the movie makes some hay about men talking big talk about how they'd act if their family was in danger. It might be the smartest thing about the movie: this whole thing about how men see themselves as killers, and look down on other men who don't choose violence as a first resort. But then, the rest of the movie is all about showing how cool this one guy becomes once he chooses to go back to hurting people. And I guess I've seen too much of how awful this world can be to buy into that fantasy.