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This review may contain spoilers.

Update: Now in video form

There is a house on a hill, and there are people in it. And they're nice, but not really. There is a garden, and there they get a lot of sunlight. And it is nice, and they get to sleep there sometimes.

There is a house underground, and there are people in it. And they're the first to tell you that they're not very nice: they're con-men, grifters, forgers and imposters. They sit among stink bugs, and they've been there for so long that maybe they've convinced themselves that they just belong there.

There is a rock, and it is a gift, but it is also a burden. And maybe it's a metaphor, but it's also just a rock: solid and heavy, difficult to lug around, and dangerous in the wrong hands. Some people will tell you that it's supposed to bring wealth. But again, it's also just a rock.

There is a line, and it cannot be crossed.

There is a smell, and it comes from the underground. And the people who live in the house on the hill can smell it. And the people who live underground try to imagine a life in the sun, a future where they aren't just garbage to be washed away in the rain. But there is a smell that sticks to them, and they know that they can never really belong.

There is a world, and it is nice, but not really. There are houses on hills, and houses underground. There is plenty of sun, but it isn't for everybody. There are people grateful to be slaves, and people unhappy to be served. There are systems that we are born into, and they create these lines that cannot be crossed. And we all dream of something better, but we've been living with these lines for so long that we've convinced ourselves that there really isn't anything to be done.

There is a knife. And it doesn't do much in the long run, but there will always be some satisfaction in crossing some lines.

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