Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★½

I enjoyed watching it but, given the subject matter, I found it didn't hit nearly as hard or as deep as it could have done. Somehow everything seemed too simple, too black and white. Everyone was mostly either in the right or in the wrong, which makes for a less complex, and less interesting, story and protagonist.

The simplicity was carried on through the visuals and audio too. Lots of the locations were furnished and decorated simply – little clutter, just enough to explain the purpose or character – and there were a lot of simple, symmetrical, static shots.

None of that's necessarily bad. But the soundtrack also often seemed too simple and obvious, with some "This is a sad moment so here's some Really Sad Music!" hammering the moods home.

It was OK, it just felt like there was a more interesting and thoughtful movie hidden in there somewhere.

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