Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★½

Batman V Superman: the age of ultron of the DC cinematic universe. What does that mean you ask? It means they ran into the same problems that Avengers 2 had. There are about 20 different stories going on at once in this movie and the majority of them were just setting up future movies. Whereas the main story here, sometimes finds itself getting lost in the shuffle. What is the main story? Well, I thought it was about batman and superman and how Luthor was manipulating them against each other, which it is. I enjoyed that aspect for the most part but even that had some story issues that I felt could have been handled better.

Now, I liked all the casting here. Ben Affleck is an outstanding batman. However, I will say that for being batman, he sure wasn't the world's greatest detective in this. He seemed to act a lot out of fear rather than investigating for himself on the facts. But I suppose that one could make the argument that he was being manipulated by Luthor so that's that. Gal gadot made for a great wonder woman. Henry Cavill of course was a solid superman though he never really had a chance to shine as Clark Kent in this one. But for me, my favorite character was Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. I thought his mannerisms mixed with his humor and crazy made for a menacing and authentic Lex Luthor.

Unfortunately, I got about what I expected out of this film. I was really hoping this movie would exceed my expectations and put away any doubts I had about it. That's not saying it was all bad. There's a lot to appreciate here for fans of the comics like myself. The action was entertaining, though the ending was CGI overload. They do manage to throw in some humor despite how dark the film is. The way they handled the Justice League cameos was better than expected but still not the greatest. Oh and the film's twist on why the 2 heroes had their epic battle really killed my excitement for it and frankly made the fight feel unnecessary. Though, I will say that they made a bold choice on that ending.

Since this is one of my most anticipated movies of the year that I could probably ramble on forever about, I'll just try and sum it up with this. The movie starts out strong but eventually gets bogged down by a lot of unnecessary scenes that made the film itself feel too long after a while (I never thought that I, of all people would find a movie with batman and superman to be too long). However, despite it's flaws, I still found it to be a decent film and highly entertaining.

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