Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

"I've been falling... for 30 minutes!"

It's always refreshing when a movie series that has gone on as long as it has, can still be good, if not great. Especially, when it's the third movie of a character's trilogy and is easily the best one. MCU films have always been good but never quite great or memorable for me, except for a handful of exceptions. Ragnarok is definitely one of those exceptions. Director Taika Waititi was exactly what the character of Thor needed, as his two previous solo films were highly lacking and were merely passable films.

Thor and Loki are back and forced to work together once again to defeat Lady Galadriel who has gone evil from the ring of power. Unfortunately, while they are both apparating back to Hogwarts, she knocks them off course and they both land on planet Hulk. Thank goodness for plot convenience because I'd almost forgotten what happened to that sad, green Ruffalo. Shortly after arriving, Thor and Hulk are forced to fight as gladiators and we in the audience are forced to watch them fight once again. Because what else is Hulk good for besides fighting the other Avengers, right? Oh and Jeff Goldblum is a weirdo known as the Grandmaster. So basically he plays I sound totally cynical. Would you believe that I loved this movie? Because I did!

I really didn't notice any of the plot conveniences while watching this because I was too busy laughing at the hilarious jokes and enjoying myself. It's a rare occurrence that a movie makes me laugh consistently to where I don't notice or even care much about the flaws. For once, I was able to sit back and enjoy this marvel gem. Well, except for maybe the third act. The first two acts are very strong and hilarious throughout. The third act gets a little more serious and less funny but also just felt sort of anticlimactic. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of action as there is in every marvel ending, but most of it didn't do much for me. Even when things got pretty bad for our heroes, the movie brushes over it like it's no big deal. Which has always been a factor that bothers me in the MCU. No real consequences for the heroes. Or in this case it was more like, "well that horrible thing just happened *shrug*". Then there was Cate Blanchett who starts off as such a promising villain but ultimately becomes predictable and severely underwritten. Say what you will about the new Spiderman movie but I still stand by saying that Michael Keaton is Marvel's strongest villain. I have a hard time even thinking that about Loki anymore because he's practically become a parody of himself.

I was surprised that Taika didn't write this movie because the humor very much feels like his style. This might even be the most joke filled MCU movie to date. One could argue that there might have been too much humor and not enough real tension or stakes. Well, maybe not the last part. There were plenty of stakes. The action scenes were well done and very exciting. The characters were all fun and mostly memorable. It was great to see Hulk not just smashing things but also talking and interacting. Those scenes between him and Thor were great. This whole movie had this fresh new energy to it that I loved. Goldblum was hilarious. Korg, the rock guy who is voiced by Taika himself, is hysterical. Tessa Thompson had a great comedic performance as well and was a welcome addition to the cast. Also, the score in this film is quite unique with it's 80s video game sound and everything. I loved that. If it weren't for that lackluster ending, I would have given this a higher rating. But I'd still highly recommend this one and think it deserves the billions of dollars it's going to inevitably make.

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