Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★

It's true that films can polarize people; a film comes out, some people love it, others hate it - it's common enough. What's a little less common is a film that comes out and leaves me on my own completely polarized. I sat through Holy Motors constantly flipping between thinking it was a complete masterpiece and a complete pile of garbage.

At the end I didn't quite know what to make of it. The truth is, I still don't. What I do know is that I haven't seen anything quite like it before, and I did find it totally engaging. It really hasn't left my mind after seeing it five days ago. Denis Lavant is superb and despite it's pretensions it's also got a wicked sense of humour and a great sense of pace. It's a film I'd happily praise but one which I'd hesitate to recommend. That said, if you're willing to take a chance on it I guarantee you won't see anything quite like it any time soon.