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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall


    Lots of action - as to be expected. Quite a good remake - though, was one needed?
    I liked the sets based on London - especially the curious use of Southwark Cathedral.

  • The Lobster

    The Lobster


    Now out on DVD for those who missed this marvel on the fundamentals of relationships. (Excellent music: the indoor sets are perfect; the outdoor sets - filmed in Ireland - are too; ... perhaps I detected a kind of impatience with any practicalities that were unnecessary for the story - there is a lot unexplained.)

    Unlike Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw, I don't feel that it starts to taper off half way through, although its pace and intent do change.
    (Are the British conditioned by Monty Python to associate humour with surrealism all the time?)

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  • I, Daniel Blake

    I, Daniel Blake


    One of the most heart-rending films I have ever seen.
    Deals with the Kafkian situation of a man caught up in and overwhelmed by 'the system' and Byzantine rules imposed as a result of the incessant pressure of the right-wing British tabloids, eager to disract public attention from tax avoidance/evasion on a vastly greater scale via tax havens etc.
    The system was originally designed to provide a safety net for those falling on hard times so all employers and employees…

  • Henry VI Part 1

    Henry VI Part 1


    To anyone who watches this and wonders about the scenography, it deliberately reproduces a children's adventure playground (adventure playgrounds were a novel concept in the early '80s). Its symbolism will become clearer as the circumstances leading up the the civil war, the Wars of the Roses, approach.
    In Act... Scene ..., this play presents one of the 'theories' about why this civil war is known as the 'Wars of the Roses'.