Cruella ★★★½

They say there are five stages of grief: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Well, I’d like to add one more...revenge!


Not gonna lie despite the favourable reception Cruella got I was still a bit sceptical and thought it was going to end up like the dumpster fire that was Mulan 2020, but I was farely surprised. The movie is actually, pretty good and a definite blast from start to finish! Emma Stone brought both Estella and Cruella to life in such a mesmorazing way, and Emma Thomson as Baroness, probably one of the better Disney villains I've seen in quite a while! I would die for Horace and Jasper! And the soundtrack was a total bop! While there were, I have to say, to much needle drops, I can't get mad when the songs they chose, which reminds me of the Bumblebee soundtrack, were a great representation of the 70s and fit the mood perfectly!

For the flaws, it was a bit predictable at times, it could have been shorter, some of the dialogue could have been improved and... CGI dogs ( Disney please they don't look good ).

But at the end, Cruella definitely shows that there could be more to these live action Disney remakes other than being plain and forgettable cash-grabs, an experience that you are going to remember and overall feel good about watching, with a unique style, costumes, setting, characters and a pretty dark but also fun plot and story.

Also can't remember the last time the audience clapped and cheered after the movie.

Not sure is it worth 30 bucks on Disney+, but a 10 bucks cinema ticket and a couple of friends, BLODDY YES DARLING 🖤

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