The King of Comedy ★★★★

Easily one of the best antihero stories I've seen, Robert Pumpkin was an absolute joy to hate. DeNiro's performance rightfully gets a lot of praise, but honestly Sandra Bernhard and Jerry Lewis deserve a shout-out as well. The last 15 minutes or so are so worth all of the buildup, but I'll admit it was hard to sit through at times, Pipkin is just that hateable. Extremely economical writing though, nothing is wasted. Some great visual stuff going on, but nothing groundbreaking. Certainly some of Scorsese's best. The score was never obtrusive, but it's certainly easy to place as an 80s movie. Overall a fantastic depiction of delusion, I wish it had either tried harder to make the audience lose grip on reality (à la Perfect Blue), or gone further in the comedic direction.