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  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    Pretty standard thriller. A little too long. Some world building not fleshed out. Some tense moments, but I never really liked the characters enough to truly care. The resulting memes and jokes are funny though

  • Colette



    Decent period piece. Men are incompetent and sexist. Interesting real life story. Similar to Big Eyes but with a queer feminine lead.

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  • Oasis



    A brief disclaimer that I’m continually working on finding the most accurate, yet inclusive words to describe folks with varying neurological capabilities. Medicine is rife with shorcuts and labels, and as a future physician, I’m seeking the best words to both: 1) honestly describe and validate what conditions patients have, 2) not invalidate or reduce their humanity and lived experience to a tag or label. I’ve heard of atypical, or neurodivergent. Please let me know your best practices and offer…

  • Peppermint Candy

    Peppermint Candy


    My first Lee Chang-dong. He has accomplished something tremendous here. The reverse chronological narrative, the strong acting, the deconstruction of a man's psyche, the strong use of symbolism -- all these paint a tragic portrait of a destroyed man. Trauma is often destructive and finds its roots early in our histories.

    Upon reading the background of the movie, I missed the Korean cultural and historical context that anchors and elevates the narrative into a commentary on the collective trauma of…