The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★★

Watched this film again about a year later after my first viewing. Now that I'm in medical school, the themes and struggles that the characters face ring far more true and cut deeper into my psyche. I think more and more about how I can obtain even the closest approximation of a patient's full story. How do I make sure my sense of 'helping' is aligned with what folks really need? How do I make sure that humans are not reduced to disposable statistics and heuristics, as worthless and unremarkable as the mass produced Disney souvenirs and knockoffs that surround the characters in the film?

Moviewise. Achingly human characters who stand in stark contrast to the gaudy, saccharine, and superficial world that ignores, pities, and misunderstands them. Beautiful compositions that emerge unexpectedly. In utter awe of directing child talents.

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