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  • Reflections in a Golden Eye

    Reflections in a Golden Eye


    "Cast in golden hues, much of the film is seen through the gaze of the mostly silent observer – an army private, Private L.G. Williams, played by Robert Forster. A kind of horse whisperer who finds himself the central object of Welden’s desire, he represents the proud, beautiful but otherworldly figure of temptation. The golden eye, invoked by way of the drawing of a peacock, is a means of suggesting that this world is the mirror image of reality rather…

  • Iqaluit



    "At times, Iqaluit suffers from an overbearing bleakness — a feature that strangles too much of Canadian cinema. But Pilon mostly navigates away from darkness when he focuses on such communal moments as a family’s dinner of a freshly caught seal. Carmen’s love for her husband, rather than anger, drives the film’s action, creating a conflict that is an internal struggle rather than an external one. Above all else, the film is focused on the journey of characters as opposed…

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  • Birdman



    Birdman was pretty good, some cringe-worthy moments but overall it has some incredible technique and packs a powerful punch. I don't see the strength of the film having very much to do with art or theatre at all, I think it works best as a festering portrait of male impotent rage: The dangerous obsession with the self and how it destroys nearly everyone in its path. This awful symptom of maleness that is more concerned with legacy and influence than…

  • The Lords of Salem

    The Lords of Salem


    Difficult to put into words the visceral impact and sadness of The Lords of Salem. One viewing doesn't quite seem enough to put all the pieces together, as Zombie puts together a horror film so unlike any horror I've ever seen. The brutality of Sheri Moon's performance hits me in the fucking gut, and without ever having dealt with addiction, the film feels like a pained, strung out journey into the abyss. Some great female power, and a bone-chilling soundscape are icing on the cake.