Clouds of Sils Maria ★★★★½

If cinema is a mirror to the real world, it taps into that early era of our development where we are just beginning to recognize our sense of self. Still a new medium, torn between commercial and art, we look to cinema to better understand who we are. Perhaps this is why so many great films are about the idea of the self, fading or merging with something or someone else. This is one of the central conflicts of Clouds of Sils Maria, exasperated by the fact the film is about the creation of art and character itself. The tension and mutual appreciation that exists between Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart is so rich with eroticism and loathing - I can't get enough of it. The sprawling Swiss landscape only adds further to the sense of insignificance that is engulfing the characters as they fall deeper into the preparation of the play. Glorious -