Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★

Maybe I was overhyped.

I like Lord & Miller. I consider Lego Batman to be one of the top superhero movies of the era. And I appreciate the ambition of this movie. But in execution, I just heard....noise. Just so much noise.

To be fair, I'm not entirely sure how it could've been pulled off to my liking. I want to see the multiverse come together with full absurdity, including characters like Noir, Porker, and Peni. But I guess in order to be drawn in, I needed more comedic, fish-out-of-water scenes with them instead of the process-heavy cartoon introduction. But the script couldn't balance this while also introducing us to the protagonist, as this is Miles' big-screen debut.

What Miles actually goes through strikes me as a bit tired. "Kid in a new school against his wishes, called to a greater calling, but has to somehow balance these news dangers and responsibilities with his family life." We've seen it. The subplot with the Prowler is a good one and the actors do a hell of a job pulling it off. Still, things just happen to Miles and he responds by Being a Good, Relatable Guy. But his true character - whatever ingenuity he has, whatever inner conflict - is muted by the loud, abrasive nature of the multiverse theme.

Jake Johnson's Peter B. Parker is probably the standout for me. That's a new movie exploration of the character and Johnson plays the line between comedy and tragedy well.

Gun to my head, I'd make this into two movies. One starring Miles, Peter B., and Gwen and the follow-up getting into the absurdity so that we can have more funny, private scenes with Noir, Porker, and Peni.

Still, the divide between myself and the Letterboxd community speaks volumes. I'm a casual comics fan. I'm pretty dedicated to the modern superhero film genre. But I was muddled on Infinity War because of how much the indulgence of the comics genre was overriding the rules that I actually like about film structure. The same thing is happening here. Film fans are also comics fans now and they want to see these movies really **go for it** with the weirder stuff from the medium. Meanwhile, I'm here hoping for gags and characterization that don't solely draw from fandom simulacra.

Anyway, glad y'all liked it.

Into the Spider-Verse ranks a current 42 out of 70 Superhero Movies. It ranks above some of its Spider-brethren, including the Amazing Spider-Man movies, Spider-Man 3, and Venom.

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