The Dead Don't Die ★★★

Three thoughts on The Dead Don't Die:

1) The film is strongest in its opening third when it lets its small-town characters breathe and simply interact with one another. I would happily watch a whole series of films centred on Bill Murray and Adam Driver's buddy-cop dynamic.

2) Snowpiercer is tough to beat, but this might just be my new favourite Tilda Swinton role. At first it feels like the extended joke is going to wear itself thin, but then it got to the punchline and I damn near burst into applause.

3) Zombie movies are the most effective when they're about something, but this feels like baby's first allegory. The "zombies as capitalism" thing was on-the-nose when Romero did it, and Jarmusch doesn't really do anything new with the idea. At the risk of sounding like a terrible hack, it lacks bite.

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