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  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    “I get why you shot him.”
    “Well, everyone tries at least once.”

    Daniel Craig’s Bond films have always had such a special place in my heart, and seeing his penultimate film on the silver screen was just so bittersweet. An event I had to see in IMAX, and the film truly did not disappoint.

    Zimmer’s interpretation of the theme had some truly gorgeous pieces, and I’m glad he didn’t phone-in for this film. Sandgren does some beautiful cinematography work (the…

  • Skyfall



    “Everybody needs a hobby.”
    “So what’s yours?”

    Every time I bask in this exemplary and glorious achievement in filmmaking, I fear I may not love it just as much as I did the previous time I watched, yet without fail I am completely floored each and every viewing.

    A personal favorite film is just that; a story that feels at its heart that it is inherently made specifically for you. Skyfall is at every stretch, the exact embodiment of the espionage/thriller…

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  • Please Hold

    Please Hold


    I get that making a small budget sci-fi short film has its restrictions but this still feels so cheap it takes me away from its legitimacy. An Oscar-nomination worthy short film should not feel like a freshman year student film. Also, it says nothing new or interesting. Black Mirror wannabe-ass story.

  • The Dress

    The Dress


    I love trying to watch all of the live action short film nominees every year!

    This story is either an interesting perception piece or thoroughly exploitative as f*ck. I'm not sure which for sure but I'm leaning towards the latter...

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  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    “I’ve lived a lot of lives. But I’m done running from my past.”
    - Natasha Romanoff

    Still can’t believe it took this long to make a standalone film for Black Widow. It is a lot of fun and Pugh really steals every scene she’s in. I wish the action sequences weren’t edited so quickly though! A lot of the film’s style can obviously be stemmed from the Mission Impossible and James Bond franchises, but the action shots in those films just…

  • Tenet



    “See you in the beginning.”
    - Neil

    Christopher Nolan’s reputation for tackling hugely original sci-fi projects precedes itself, but with Tenet he raises the bar even higher. I personally believe this is easily his most ambitious project yet, rounding up a new technical team to make everything look and sound like a Nolan film should. Differently from his other films, a lot of character background and concept exposition isn’t just spoon-fed to the viewer; information is relayed between the characters in a…