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  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS LITTLE ANGEL I can’t even stand it. Brooklyn Prince is a child prodigy of an actress!!!

  • Dunkirk



    Nolan wanted to show us how survival define us, and I think he got the message very well across this movie. Even for this, he sacrificed some dramatic depth. Depth for certain characters, The larger message passed, which surpasses any dramatically deep element. Yet, Nolan wanted to get something bigger, And in my opinion he did not it fully.

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  • Captain Fantastic

    Captain Fantastic


    "Power to the people! Stick it to the man!"

    This story is the best remedy for low spirits, i'm so in love with this family and i could say it's the most UNIQUE film of the year : yes, This is the best film I have seen so far this year, one that challenges us to ponder what we see unfold, urges us to be more than just another fish in the school, but to laugh, be crazy, think for ourselves and pitch in an effort to find the scattered pieces of the puzzle we call the human condition. Fantastic is the word indeed.

  • Magnolia



    sometimes, crying is the only way our eyes can speak when our mouth cant explain how broken our heart really is.
    I would have, could have,should have, done alot of things but did not,it hurts to see you gone..
    I'm watching what you've lastly watched, it's just my way of looking for you everywhere, hoping that you were watching over me and sending me signs. I am definitely not at ease with your passing.
    I am trying to let go of the guilt from the promises I made and subsequently broke in the wake of your death.
    I'm gonna see you again..