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  • What the Day Owes the Night

    What the Day Owes the Night


    J'avais trop peur que le film me déçoive, puisque J'avais beaucoup aimé le livre..
    Merveilleux. Bouleversant. Musique parfaite. Bravo à Alexandre Arcade qui m'a emmenée en Algérie, celle que me décrivait Khadra /Kateb/ Camus entre les lignes, il ne manquait que les parfums. Je n'ai pas pu retenir mes larmes à la fin.
    Comme c'est rarement le cas, Ce film est très fidèle à l'oeuvre originale , il offre des images incroyables de l'Algérie coloniale. Il s'établit au moment de…

  • I Am Not Your Negro

    I Am Not Your Negro


    THIS is essential documentary, honest to the core about race relations in the last century from the mouth of one of its greatest writers, black or white, James Baldwin. Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, and Raoul Peck did an incredible job of bringing this story to life and demonstrating its significance in today's society. Activist and writer James Baldwin was a keen articulator of truth and never apologized for it.
    A raw light thrown over the American nation, even in…

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  • Captain Fantastic

    Captain Fantastic


    "Power to the people! Stick it to the man!"

    This story is the best remedy for low spirits, i'm so in love with this family and i could say it's the most UNIQUE film of the year : yes, This is the best film I have seen so far this year, one that challenges us to ponder what we see unfold, urges us to be more than just another fish in the school, but to laugh, be crazy, think for ourselves and pitch in an effort to find the scattered pieces of the puzzle we call the human condition. Fantastic is the word indeed.

  • Wild Tales

    Wild Tales


    What makes the movie really striking is the believable story-line with good casting and editing. Forget Wild, These Tales Are Savage!
    The hilarious satire that is "Wild Tales" deserves every award that it's won. I highly recommend it.