Everybody Wants Some!! ★★★★½

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Man, Everybody Wants Some was good. So good.

Everybody Wants Some was basically my first introduction to Richard Linklater (I'm not counting School of Rock). I don't know what the guy is about but I definitely want to check out more of his films now.

I think I had a goofy grin plastered across my face for the entire film and when I didn't its only because I was laughing. Linklater wrote a masterful script. There are plenty of laughs and entertainment and just when you think this one is all fun & games he drops the "river floating" scene on you and hits you square in the brain.

Admittedly a small percentage of why I liked Everybody Wants Some so much is because I knew guys just liked these characters in college. They were so similar it was almost eerie at times. That being said, this sort of college experience doesn't really exist--it's a fabrication. Normally that might irritate me but it didn't bother me one bit this time around. I was having too much fun.

Having binged Netflix's "Stranger Things" over the weekend I was already in a 1980s mood so Everybody Wants Some just felt right tonight. Plus, I've been on a bit of a 80s music binge recently too. In fact, I like I might love the 80s. The cars, the music, the mustaches, the sunglasses, the carefree attitude.

One of the best unexpected gems I've come across in a long time. My only possible complaint would be the ending and that's only because I wanted more.