Hereditary ★★

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Yo, this is weak. What the hell? I thought this was supposed to be "the scariest film ever"? It's not even scary at all--not one bit.

I'm a big fan of A24 and as much as I try to avoid hype surrounding and reviews of films prior to watching them myself being a member of this website made that nearly impossible to do for Hereditary. So, I did what I very rarely do these days and went to the theater. Luckily I was able to catch a matinee so I wasn't robbed completely blind by the theater. Honestly, I was hoping the theater would be entirely empty on a Sunday afternoon; after all I was seeing an indie film that was released weeks ago. Sadly the theater was basically packed and I had to deal with all of the idiots in there.

Even though I didn't find Hereditary to be scary in the least maybe I could've at least latched onto the story. Nope. It wasn't really that interesting. Not to mention that it incorporated one of my least favorite tropes: the spouse that refuses to believe their partner and instead assumes they're crazy. Will someone please make a horror film where the husband/wife finally believes the other and backs them? Ya know, like you should in a marriage.

I wouldn't necessarily say this was a waste of $10 but it wasn't worth it either.